"Archives you clean? - He has asked bilious. - you make vain attempts. First, there will be to you no search, you are not
necessary to anybody. And secondly, all proofs all the same you will not hide". I "Will hide". "You will not hide. A
physiognomy of the curve anywhere you will not hide. And the false an eye. And the speeches completely deprived of
administrative delight..." "It is fine. Itself admire is better..." They altercated in this spirit of minutes ten, and then the Viscount
has asked: "That you are going to do with the novel?" "Anything, - Stanislav has told, having a little lost. - and what for?"
"Hide", - the Viscount short has advised. "Yes what for? To whom does it disturb?" Then the Viscount chilly, but has
vigorously reminded it history with Grossman's novel. "But I - not Grossman!." "Not be the idiot. Will take away and will not
return. It wanted to copy? Anew? All at first?." It was reasonable. Stanislav has slowly lighted. Its imagination already
worked. The viscount looked at it over the tube is sad and is strict.
- Swine, - Stanislav with bitterness has told. - that they with us do? After all we quite respectable, peace and harmless
inhabitants. What horse-radish they do of us underground workers?.
He already knew, to whom it will bring the novel. It should be the person absolutely true and at the same time such about
which nobody will tell that it the closest of friends and to which, therefore, will not come.
- And you where have thrust the samizdat? - He has asked and has there and then recovered.
- It is not necessary, it is not necessary, do not speak. A foolish question. Excuse.
The viscount has grinned.
- Tortures you are afraid not to sustain? - He has enquired insinuatingly.
And then Stanislav suddenly sprosil: - Listen, and why they at you there all such dark blue? He very much wished to ask for
a long time this question, but restrained, understanding that it - to put it mildly, a question inappropriate. And now here has
decided not to restrain and there and then about it has regretted. Eyes of the Viscount as if has closed zaslonkami from
It has stood. Some seconds in a room hung silence, absolutely unnatural, then the Viscount skazal: - You told about it to
somebody? - Is not present. For the fool me you consider? - I do not know, - the Viscount has told, unpleasantly smiling. - can
be. I hoped that you then saw nothing. And if saw something has forgotten.
- So it also is. You can not worry.
- Donkey. Not I should worry about it, you understand? NOT to me.
- Well it is fine. Well - all. I am silent. Excuse.
- Well, - the Viscount has told. - we will hope that you and understood earlier, how to it follows concerns, and have now
understood definitively.
Stanislav has nodded. He felt treplom, like Mirlina. (Mirlin has been assured that the Viscount in "box" is engaged in
reception of practical immortality. This only thing, according to Mirlina, than each decent "box" should be engaged.
"Whence you know, how many time died Stalin? Before his death all the same declared? And attempt at Castro - it was
possible, actually! That Americans ohreneli when it in two weeks has again got out on a tribune as the newcomer! And how
many time will die our Lelik? Once, if you wish to know, it already gave to god a soul. And - as a cucumber. Only the speech
power to some extent poutratil - so it never also was not at us demosfenom. I and see, how years etak through thirty our
Political bureau with its full complement sits: twelve three times revived dead persons, to everyone on hundred and more, a
bast do not knit any more, but - correct!." "Very much even can be, - has picked up then Stanislav. - and all twelve - dark
blue colour." He has there and then bitten to itself(himself) tongue, but Mirlin, apparently, has not paid to its remark any
attention - probably, before its eyes there were absolutely other pictures).